Link here on Elegant Themes website – quick summary below:

Row Settings

Add standard width Row, then change the following settings:

  1. Make This Row Fullwidth: YES
  2. Use Custom Gutter Width: YES
  3. Gutter Width: 0
  4. Keep Custom Padding on Mobile: YES

Gallery Module Settings

General Settings:

Gallery Images: Added the images to the gallery
Layout: Grid
Images Number: 12
Show Title and Caption: NO
Show Pagination: NO

Advanced Design Settings – for dark overlay and light icon color

Zoom Icon Color: #ffffff
Hover Overlay Color: rgba(28,28,28,0.81)
Hover Icon Picker: Magnifying glass icon with plus sign

Custom CSS in Divi global Theme Options

 .mfp-title {
display: none;

It should then look like this:

To add a small gap between images

Go into Row settings and change the gutter width to “2” – still pretty big gap, but an upcoming article on the ET blog will address this.

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