I have put these links up online for my ease of finding something quickly to help with controlling breathing and relaxation.  I haven’t listened to many of the videos so I can’t comment on them personally, but perhaps this will be of benefit to others. The list of links were provided to us at work so hopefully it’s ok to share!  All the links are freely and publicly available.  These sessions are for people interested in guided self care strategies aimed at regulation/settling our nervous system that gets wound up from the stress of work and life. These practices are like muscle building, the training aspect so that when you need it, you can more easily slow breathing, attune to your body, relax your muscles, adjust your posture etc to take care of stress as it arises moment to moment. These techniques work on the mind/body link – regulating our body affects our mental state and vice versa.

Choose whatever you feel like doing and the time and click on the link (and hopefully it will go!)

Muscle Relaxation exercise (sitting or lying)

Breathing exercises for health

3 yoga breathing exercises for anxiety takes 7 and a half minutes https://youtu.be/N9jmO6xwFfs

This is a 9 minute breathing exercise with a brief into at the beginning to explain why/how it works https://youtu.be/hFcQpNr_KA4

Mindfulness sessions

Easy Yoga Sessions to relieve muscle tension and increase body awareness

(you don’t need a mat, the carpet will do)

Tai Chi