If you are selling a product or service it is now essential to have a website otherwise you will never be found!

Long gone are the days of spending hundreds or thousands each year for a small ad in the Yellow Pages.  When customers are looking for a product or service their first port of call is a Google search and if they can’t find your business they will go elsewhere.  That’s where your website comes in:

  • Your website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and opens up your business to the world, not just your local area.
  • With over half of people viewing websites on mobile devices, your business can be found anywhere, any time – not just in front of a computer.
  • It is the first impression that many customers have of your business.  If it looks dodgy, they will think you are dodgy.
  • All content (text, images, doucments) can be changed as your products and services grow and expand.
  • A website is an affordable brand building machine!  You no longer have to spend thousands to get a good quality website.  IT Wiz website packages start from less than $30 and we take care of  everything for you.
  • You can use your website in all your promotional material to build your brand, make connections with like-minded people/businesses and promote what you do best.

This is just the start of the many benefits of getting your business on-line. If you do it right, your website will pay itself back many times over.

IT Wiz can set up your website for as little as $99.95 per month, including domain name, hosting, design and development.  We are confident you will not find a better deal for a real person to develop a complete website for you.  Unlike a website builder or robot, we are here every step of the way to make sure the process is smooth and stress-free.